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We are excited to reveal that the first SIGCOMM trivia event will be held this year. Participate and learn exciting facts about Sigcomm, history and anecdotes, famous people, revolutionary papers, and more.

Come and have fun with us!

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Trivia Question collection Form

We are trying to collect trivia from the community, do you know of any anecdotes, fun facts, history, or other interesting information about SIGCOMM or topics covered therein? Please help us collect such info by filling out this form.

Example questions

  1. The first SIGCOMM conference was held in 1969 in which city? (a) Austin, TX, (b) Pine Mountain, GA, (c) Stanford, CA, (d) Princeton, NJ
  2. What is the greatest invention of the famous American Internet pioneer pictured below? (a) Distributed systems (b) TCP/IP, (c) Packet Switching, (d) World Wide Web


During the event: Join on a new device (e.g. phone) and enter a pin (will be announced during the event). The questions will be asked on host’s Kahoot that we screen share via zoom (access through Gather Auditorium room). Your answers will be collected via running on your phone.

PS: You will only see the questions via zoom and not on your phone.


Aditya Akella (UW Madison)